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My top five obsessions for the week.


This weeks Mood board is courtesy or my good friend Rae! You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Trump Presidency: A Reaction

I spent my morning searching for a certain reaction gif, and instead Disney managed to sum up exactly how I feel about this entire fiasco, so rather than writing out a post calling out every single bad decision/mistake the big... Continue Reading →

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Throwback Thursday:

Today's Throwback is an all-time favourite of mine, and turns 20 this year! Boy, does that make me feel old. Not that I'm all that old, but still. It brings back all the memories, and I don't even know when... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther King Day

Today, he would have been disappointed, but unsurprised, that all the work he did was seemingly for naught.

Sunblock and Short Stories

Thursday 17th November... The weather is finally starting to warm up! This is both great and terrible, because while warm weather means cute dresses and beach trips, it also means blood-sucking insects and sunburn. The latter two are┬ánot on my... Continue Reading →

A Letter To the Boy I Kneed (in the crotch)

Then our number was called.

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