Only a Little Bit Sober

I'm Still Learning How to Adult


Is it just me?

Trump Presidency: A Reaction

I spent my morning searching for a certain reaction gif, and instead Disney managed to sum up exactly how I feel about this entire fiasco, so rather than writing out a post calling out every single bad decision/mistake the big... Continue Reading →


Sunblock and Short Stories

Thursday 17th November... The weather is finally starting to warm up! This is both great and terrible, because while warm weather means cute dresses and beach trips, it also means blood-sucking insects and sunburn. The latter two are┬ánot on my... Continue Reading →

Spring has not Sprung in the good ol’ land of Oz

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're living in Australia then you might not be aware that it is, in fact, spring.

Another day, another reason to smile

Recently I submitted a piece of writing to the university magazine, and it was a little bit terrifying.

Torture of the Teeth

It gave me a brand new definition of torture.


I'm just really bad at keeping on top of things

Flower crowns and Compliments

HAPPY HUMPDAY!! Ah, Wednesday... Possibly my least favourite day of the week, if only because it is jam-packed full of seminars. Honestly, 6 hours of seminars is too many hours. I know it could be worse, but still. The weather... Continue Reading →

Little Red Riding Hood is not Mum Friendly, Apparently

"They accused the producers of pushing the 'gay agenda' before turning around and pushing their own agenda in a way that could prove harmful if not properly mitigated."

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