This Week I’m Obsessed With…

#5: Hamilton – Soundtrack

I love love love this soundtrack. More than I probably should, actually, but alas I am in love with the cast recordings of this historical musical. Follow the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, as he rises up from the poverty of some Carribean island to become a pretty important immigrant, politically speaking. There’s action, intrigue, romance, betrayal – everything you could ever want in a musical, Hamilton has it. Plus, the rapping is on point. Seriously, as somebody who avoids hip hop and rap like the plague on most occasions, I can appreciate the commitment it must have taken to invent not just one or two original hip-hop/rap/pop numbers, but over 40, about Alexander Hamilton and America’s beginnings.

Story time: I only started listening to this soundtrack about a month ago, because “it’s about some American dude, it won’t be that interesting” (Oh, how wrong I was). One night my housemates and I had been hanging out, playing Uno and table tennis, and afterward, I may or may not have had a little breakdown -I blame all the excitement from such riveting games- and started screech-rapping the opening theme at the top of my lungs at my housemates (I apologise for offending your eardrums, guys, haha). Despite that, it was fun, and we stayed up listening to outrageous -00’s pop music until late. Good times.

#4: Piel de Sapo Melon

Oh. My. GOD. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this melon, but it is honestly (in my opinion, at least) the fruit of the Gods. It’s sometimes known as The Christmas Melon or Santa Clause Melon, which is pretty dang cool. You’re most likely to find this variety of melon in the Summer months in Australia, especially around Christmas (obviously), and it’s definitely worth the price.

This melon has a sweet taste but isn’t sickening in its sweetness. It’s similar in texture to the Honeydew, and the sweetness is roughly the same, though the Sapo, in my opinion, is the superior melon.

#3: Lillie Pilly & Wattleseed Face Wash

So, I actually bought this on accident, thinking it was a moisturizer, but it is one of the best accidental buys I’ve ever had. The brand is Natures Organics, from a range called ‘Pure Australian’, and it’s honestly just so lovely. It’s perfect for those of us with sensitive skin, or at least I’ve found it to be so. It’s soft and gentle, and leaves the skin feeling much the same.

Really, it’s just lovely. 10/10 would recommend. My only problem, really, is that I only bought a 250ml bottle (I don’t even know if they have larger sized bottles, but they totally should because this stuff is beautiful).

#4: The Hoppy Hamper Box

this was a recent find of mine that I got super excited over and subscribed immediately. The Hoppy Hamper is a subscription box for pet owners -specifically, those of us who own little bunny floofs- and love to treat them occasionally. Every month a new box full of treats and toys will be delivered to your door for you and your bunny friend/s to enjoy.

This month’s box, the ‘Aussie’ box, featured all-Australian goodies, which is always wonderful. The sweet potato vine rings were a favourite, and not of the bunny. Gingersnap actually enjoyed them a little too much, considering she ate the entire thing (I’m keeping an eye on her this time, in case that was not good). Cinnabun loves the rolling bell toy, I think it might be her favourite toy I’ve ever given her.

#5: This picture of my lil bunny bun

Image may contain: cat

I just really love it, okay. Don’t judge me. She’s so precious, in an absolutely bratty kind of way *deep sigh*.