Everybody has a hobby, and it can oftentimes take a fair while to find the niche that works for you. Some people fish, some people collect stamps, and some people kill people (it’s true, that is a legitimate hobby for some people *cough* serial killers *cough*).There are, as you might be aware, a group of people who like to collect antique or vintage things: dolls, cars, or dinner sets.

My mother is one of the latter, and has over the years built up quite the collection of tea sets -although ‘sets’ might be a bit of a generous word. You see, in collecting vintage things, especially sets, one must understand that -more often than not- the final piece/s to the sets have been broken beyond repair or lost to time and technology. This does not make the remaining pieces any less valuable to the right clientele, but in a small town in bumfuck Australia there isn’t much of a market for expensive old plates.

And so, with more plates than anybody would know what to do with, my mum decided to get crafty and give these old plates a new and exciting practicality.

She made them into plate tiers.

She is certainly not the first person to do so, as the desire for owning vintage dinnerware and china has diminished, but it is still a cute and fun way to give something old a new purpose in life. They look amazing and are a great way to save space at a party, and there’s many ways of making them.

Here’s just a few that my mum made, and will be selling for $30 (AUD).

As I said, there are a lot of different ways to make these pieces, and if you’re willing to put in the time they will look spectacular. These are just two of the stand my mum made (well, dade actually made them, but shhh), and I am personally more inclined to keep one (or all) of them, as they’re just so cute and useful!

Now, I bet you’re curious as to how to make these bad boys, so I suppose i can give you a quick how-to.

What You’ll Need:

  • Plates or varying sizes, they don’t have to be from the same set (you can, if you’re feeling adventurous, include a teacup)
  • Some cake stand fittings (We found our on ebay, but I’m sure they can be bought elsewhere)
  • A drill and either a diamond tipped drill bit or a ceramic bit (shaped like an arrow)
  • A ruler, a permanent marker, and some masking tape.


  1. Using the ruler and the permanent marker, find and mark the center on the underside of each plate
  2. Place a small piece of tape over the mark in the center of the plate
  3. Rest the plate upside down on a bowl fitting the inner diameter
  4. pour some water onto the plate to keep the drill bit cool
  5. Start drilling! This part of the process can take a while, and you must be careful as you break through not to let the drill slip and break the plate
  6. Fit your stand together using the stand fittings and voila!

Now, since I know my own instructions leave much to be desired, here is a tutorial that I found particularly helpful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this crafty little update, and I’d just love to see your finished pieces if you’ve decided to try it out! They really are quite adorable, honestly.

Stay Classy!

Em. x