This Week I’m Obsessed With…

#5: Playlist – In Love with Joji Miller

My friend Luke actually introduced me to this playlist, and I instantly fell in love with it. Honestly, I’ve been listening to it everyday since he showed it to me a week ago (and will continue to do so until my ears bleed, probably, I adore it so much). It features artists like Harris Cole, Tomppabeats and In Love With a Ghost, as well as some of my personal favourites: La RouxWatsky, and even Niall Horan!

What I like the most about this playlist is that it’s incredibly chill; it’s perfect to listen to while studying, writing, or even just as background music. It’s also blessedly hangover friendly, which could be it’s biggest selling point for me (not that I have a habit of being hungover; it’s just hard to find an uplifting playlist that won’t give me migraines on the regular, and especially after a night out).

I give this playlist a 9 out of 10, and encourage anybody looking for some mellow background tunes to check it out ASAP.

#4: Arnott’s Scotch Fingers

Anyone who knows me has probably realised by now that I love a good cup of tea on occasion (or, you know, two or three a day, on average). I’m also the kind of person that enjoys a good spot of morning tea: a nice black tea (I’m fond of Ceylon) accompanied by something sweet to snack on. During the festive seasons, Christmas or Easter, snacks aren’t too hard to come by, but during the other months it’s absurdly difficult to make the decision.

This week I’ve found myself enjoying the humble Scotch Finger, of which I used to have a righteous hatred towards when I was younger: there was nothing worse than reaching into the biscuit tin and pulling out a goddamn scotch finger. I like to think that I have since grown, and I actually rather like the taste and texture of the biscuit, especially accompanied with my morning or afternoon tea.

Overall I give the Arnott’s Scotch Finger an 8 out of 10, although I suggest that you avoid buying knockoff brands of the biscuit, as you’ll be surely disappointed. The knockoff brands just cannot live up to the quality of the real deal.

#3: Formula 10.0.06 – Skin Clarifying Mud Mask

Not too long ago, I found myself on the market for a new face wash. I was unable to find my usual brand anywhere, which I found highly disappointing, and decided to try the local supermarket supplied brands. There were, of course, not a lot of options to choose from, and most of those available were out of my price range. Then my eyes fell on the bottom shelf, where a label read ‘$3’ underneath a flash of pink. It wasn’t the facewash I was looking for -not a face wash at all- but I decided, ‘what the hell, lets try this bad boy out’. And so that’s how I wound up buying the Pores Be Pure mud mask.

The smell is just lovely, and it applies so smooth. But a warning: don’t coat thickly -a thin coat will tingly and heat the skin, as is normal, but a thick coat will burn to an uncomfortable degree. It does work well, however, so if you can stand the tingling it’s definitely something to look at for purifying your pores. The standard retail price in Australia is, to my knowledge, $8.99, which is about what you’d expect (I just got lucky; I’ve not since seen it on supermarket shelves). The packaging is also quite cute, not that I’d advise buying a product because of ‘cute’ factor (I’m guilty of doing this a lot, and waste a fair bit of my designated spending money on junk).

I give this product an 8 out of 10. It smells amazing and works nicely on my skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.

#2: Teacup Candles

A combination of two of my favourite things! I was at a market with my mum recently and saw the cutest little teacup, and I of course had to investigate. Upon further inspection, this little teacup was actually a candle! Now, I’ve loved the idea of teacup candles for a long time, and even fancied myself able to make a few (I couldn’t find the right wax, however, so I refrained), but this week I am just adoring the concept. They’re so adorable, and fairly compact; no muss, no fuss.

This concept gets a 9 out of 10, because I like the potential for recyclability and the general aesthetic the concept represents.

#1: Look at this FLOOF!

I saw this posted on twitter, and every time I look at it it makes me giggle. It’s so fluffy!! But also so aesthetically pleasing. Look at how even that fur is! it’s perfect! I love it so much. Here’s the original tweet, and here’s some more cute little floof’s to brighten your day.