Thursday 17th November…

The weather is finally starting to warm up!

This is both great and terrible, because while warm weather means cute dresses and beach trips, it also means blood-sucking insects and sunburn. The latter two are not on my list of favourite things in the world, especially considering I’m white as all get-out, and so I happen to burn like it’s nobody’s business.

This, of course, can be remedied by the ‘slip, slop, slap’ method:

Slip on a t-shirt;

Slop on some 30+ (or 50+, if you’re like me) sunscreen;

and Slap on a hat.

I’m not saying that I follow these directions religiously, or that you should feel inclined to do so. You see, I couldn’t pull off a hat if my life depended on it (I wind up looking like a demented scarecrow of a right dag), and sometimes I don’t have people to help me slop that sweet sweet sunscreen on my back. And, I mean, does anybody actually wear a shirt to the beach anymore?

But, the advice, despite the inconvenience of needing to have a shirt, hat and good quality sunscreen, is quite sound. I personally just tend to avoid going out at all if I know there a chance the sun will make an appearance.

This, you might understand, is no way to spend the glorious months of summer.

And so here I sit, outside for the first time in months (okay, not really, but bare humour me), listening to an easy afternoon playlist and trying to write some short stories.

It’s relaxing, which is a nice change of pace, considering most of the time lately writing these stories just leads to endless frustration.

Friday 18th November…

My mother is out here, working in the garden, talking to the birds (because that is completely normal in this house, no lie). She’s feeding her magpie, ‘Jack’, who sometimes thinks he’s a part of the family, and can just walk right on into the house if he so wishes. It’s amusing, if nothing else.

Today is a little cloudier -and windier- than yesterday, but still fairly nice out. I’ve traded my sunhat and t-shirt for a cool blanket to sit under on the porch. My brother thoughtfully made a day-bed, and it is now my favourite place, because for one thing, it’s not in my bedroom, and for another, I can sit out and stare at the neighbours remorselessly.

I’m slowly setting up camp.

The writing is still being more than a little difficult (as you can see, I wound up splitting this post into two days because I simply couldn’t write anymore yesterday). The sun may not be out in full force today, but I am determined to get at least something finished before the day is through, even if it is only this one post.

At that, I think it’s time to actually get off my lazy bum and write some stories!!

Wish me luck;

The Unmotivated.

P.S. in case you needed a playlist for your afternoon, I find this one to be rather lovely.

Take care now!