Well, howdy folks.

Recently I submitted a piece of writing to the university magazine, and it was a little bit terrifying. I haven’t submitted to anything before, so I’m really not quite sure what to expect (and I have no idea how I’ll handle whatever rejection is likely should I continue submitting to things).

I’d written the piece for an assignment, and after getting the grade back I figured that I may as well share my work, which fit in snugly with the issues ‘theme’. A friend of mine, who works on the magazine, suggested I submit, and helped me through the initial stage (I wouldn’t know how to write a letter of submission for the life of me without her help), and after submitting it I promptly forgot to be expecting news about it.

Today I got an email from the structural editor, and it has left me feeling more than confident in my writing, even if the piece doesn’t quite make it past the next or final stages. There’s still a ways to go, but the feedback was heartening to read, and I’m sure it’s going to go straight to my head.

The piece itself is rather Baroquian, or so my tutor told me, which was a concept I hadn’t initially thought to consider of my writing, but fit almost naturally to describe a large amount of it (though my blog posts remain somewhat unflappable in their own personality). The piece was supposed to suspend time, almost, make the happenings to be ‘all-at-once’ with no notion of when this ‘once’ was or would be.

It made sense at the time of writing.

Anyway. As it’s the first thing I’ve ever submitted to get published in an actual magazine (or anything, for that matter) , I’m excited to see how it all pans out. I like to think that it’s a good enough piece of writing to be featured, but to be honest I’m a little bit biased. I don’t always like my work, but I am quite fond of the concept and imagery in this one.

I’ve re-read the email at least 5 times already since receiving it, and every time it makes me smile a little wider because I’m one step closer to getting published, and that’s really exciting. What’s even more exciting is having my piece called ‘outstanding’. I’m a little chuffed. I told you it’d go straight to my head, haha.

Now that uni is finished, I’ve been meaning to catch up on all of my writing, but I haven’t had the motivation. This might just be exactly what I needed to get back in the game.

After all, this piece was only a fragment of an idea, sketched out for the purpose of a grade. There is much, much more to be said about my Goddess and her lover.

Keep smiling!

The Writer. xx