Ah, Halloween; the day where I can walk around and ask strangers for candy without being reprimanded.

I, as you may not be aware, am aΒ sucker for a festive occasion, and Halloween is certainly one of the best. Any excuse to dress up all spooky-like and scare the bejeezus out of people. Not that that’s what I did, but it’s a glorious occasion nonetheless.

Here in Australia, many people aren’t too big on celebrating all hallows eve, so when you go trick-or-treating it can be a bit of a let-down if your neighbourhood doesn’t support the occasion. You either get candy or you don’t, which is normal, but a majority of the time it’s door-knocking for nada.

Tonight my sister and I set out about the neighbourhood to find ourselves some candy, and we didn’t do too badly in our haul. We did leave a little later than most, but we certainly weren’t the only ones out (what’s the fun of trick-or-treating when the sun’s still out anyway?). There were still plenty of doors left unopened, and even one or two practically slammed in our faces. I tripped over some lady’s driveway and nearly became a gruesome addition to the Halloween hurts, which I have it on good authority there areΒ a lot of this year.

There was a car accident just heading out of town, and at another house there were a few ambulances (we respectfully decided toΒ not bother that house for the sake of candy). There was a lot going on, honestly.

My favourite part by far was that I high-fived Queen Elsa, who also happened to give me a chocolate. The little girl was just so charmingly adorable. Another little boy was literally standing nose pressed against the glass door waiting for trick-or-treaters, which was equal parts terrifying and hilarious. There were, thankfully, no clowns.

I especially love the houses that decorate, although I nearly had a heart failure a few times. It was a fun night, with a little bit of lollygagging and a whole lot of lolly-getting.

Happy Halloween, my spooky scary skeletons,

The Town Witch. x