Aahh, the joys of owning a fur baby.

Yesterday (and I had intended to post this yesterday, only I got distracted by… other things) I helped my dad move the bunny’s hutch and run, so that it was on a more grassy patch of lawn.

This went as well as could be expected when moving anything, there were a few bumps but in the end it was placed exactly where it needed to be.

Except, apparently not.

My little Cinnabun is an escape artist, you see. She’ll wait until we have our backs turned and she’ll find the weakest link in the fence (or the easiest place to push through) and she’ll disappear.

Where does she go? Why, into the giant hedge, of course!

Now, this hedge is on a dispicable lean going up a small incline from the neighbours fence to our carport. Into this hill, the dogs -and previous bunnies- have dug out two deep, sturdy burrows.

I, of course, being very much human-shaped and much too large to fit into such a small hole, had to somehow coax the little rascal out of her new favourite den. This happened multiple times, until we found and secured each of the fences insecurities.

It’s easy to see why I got hardly any actual work done.

In any case, it’s always important to make sure your home and yard are secure, so that your fur baby, if they do escape their regular enclosures, is not at risk of getting hit by a car, or eaten by a fox. Really, just make sure they can’t get out of their normal enclosures unless you’re there to supervise.

Side note: Bunny’s are fast, ducks possibly faster.

Be safe now.