Today I had and appointment with the most dreaded of all the doctors.

The Dentist.

Let me tell you right now, it was not fun. I went in expecting to ¬†have a filling in the teeny weeny hole in my upper left tooth that’s been causing me trouble, and I wound up leaving in more pain than when I entered – without the damn filling, to boot.

There was apparently no hole to be filled, but my dental hygiene has been laughably lacking, and I admit that I had known it. This, of course, resulted in a good, thorough scraping of every single tooth kept safe in my mouth.

It gave me a brand new definition of torture.

Now, I’ve had braces, and various other aches and pains and surgeries, so I feel like pain is just another everyday thing for me. I deal with it mostly quietly and with a few tears because it’s just something that happens. This? This made me want to cry and thrash and bite. It was, frankly, a miserable experience. But I sat still and kept my mouth open without biting anybody’s fingers.

There is a message here. Please,¬†please consider your dental hygiene a top priority. That experience was not worth the money I paid for it. Maybe if I really hated myself, I’d do it on a regular basis because, honestly, there is no better way to torture yourself than sit in a chair almost upside down while a stern, disappointed mother figure lectures you about taking care of yourself while poking sensitive places with sharp objects. Equally as adequate would be a gynecologist. You really gain a new definition of self-hatred when you have somebody is staring into one of your orifices and making disapproving noises at you the whole time.

My dentist was lovely, though, which made it a little better. I did try to go to my happy place but since One Direction split it’s been very ineffective.

In other news, I have a surgery next week to fix my titty, which has also been giving me trouble, and I am officially an adult in two months (insofar as 21 is the age I feel adulthood is truly upon me).

That’s all for now. I’ve got lesbian goddesses to write for my final assignment, so aren’t I just a busy little beaver? The answer is no, I am not, I just make sure to look that way.

Brush your teeth, floss, don’t miss a thing. Your teeth will thank you.

Be good to yourself.