Haha, so… It’s not that I forgot I was blogging, it’s more that I had a little bit of a ‘down’ moment, for a while there, which prevented me from doing, well, anything.

But, I’m here again! Writing away as though I don’t have several assignments due that are only extended for a week. I’m just really bad at keeping on top of things. It really doesn’t help that my little bunny is throwing clothes hangers around my bedroom. Or that it’s supposed to be Spring, but it’s raining like nobody’s business right now.

Anyway, I did have something I was writing for this blog, but it’s very so-so at the moment, because it involves issues with society and just me ranting about stuff that people get very upset over. I’m not up to posting that, yet. Also, I lost track of it somewhere and it escaped my reign, so after I pull it together perhaps it’ll be post-worthy.

In other news, wow! It’s October already! How the time does like to fly. To be honest, though, 2016 has been ridiculously bad, insofar as global matters are involved. Can you believe Trump is an actual candidate for presidency? America has lost its damn mind. It’s bad enough Australia chose the government it did; Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie, AND Derryn Hinch all in the same parliament? Yeah, beam me up Scotty coz this shit ain’t gonna fly. I’m sure there are others that are equally awful, but those three are the main concern. Especially Pauline. She is abominable, honestly.

Anyway, what do I know, I don’t even follow politics.

I am putting off the work I should be doing, because comparative essays make me gag. The other essay is looking just as bad, but I could just write poetry instead, because that’s always been my saving grace. Literally, it’s usually the only reason I pass these units at all.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Nothing much has been happening. I did make gingerbread cookies a few weeks ago, but they failed dismally, as did my apple crumble muffins. The bunny is being an adorable nightmare because she can’t go outside again yet (it’s still raining, and I’m not committed enough to getting her out of my room to go out in the rain to put her there). She has already bitten a hole in my shoe and nibbled my bum, because she’s ridiculous like that. She also did this cute tuck and roll thing before she took a nap, which was fuckin’ adorable.

until next time, y’all.