Ah, Wednesday… Possibly my least favourite day of the week, if only because it is jam-packed full of seminars. Honestly, 6 hours of seminars is too many hours. I know it could be worse, but still.

The weather outside was so nice today, and I knew it was going to be like this yesterday, but you see I didn’t think to shave my legs then so I wouldn’t have to rush this morning.

I still shaved my legs, and wore a dress, and a flower crown to top it all off, and I thought I looked pretty darn cute! Mum made me put a pair of leggings on underneath the dress (it may have been a little short), but that didn’t ruin my day at all. But mother, I am an adult now and sometimes I just need to make these choices for myself. If I want to show off that cute pair of booty-shorts, then that’s just my prerogative.

Seriously though, 4am starts are super not-okay. Way to early for lil’ ol’ me to be wakin’ up. I did, however, manage to catch a few z’s on the bus, while listening to the Annie soundtrack (2014). It was in no way comfortable, but it was a nap so #napgoals.

Now, you might not be aware of this, but I am incredibly insecure about certain aspects of, well, me. This includes my fashion sense (of which I have none), and my overall look in general. While I think I might look adorable af, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will, and therein lies my problem. But it actually turned out rather well.

Flower crowns, to me, epitomize everything that is Spring. I love Spring, and I also just adore flower crowns, so today I wore one of my favourites. The first comment I got was from a friend before one of our seminars. That was alright, it makes me happy when people realize that I am adorable.

The second compliment was paid while I was hiding in a little nook in one of the corridors. A lovely woman, who has an office right across from where I chose to sequester myself, walked past, stopping at the door to her office and grabbing my attention.

“Those are beautiful flowers. Can I ask where you got them from?”

And so this girl here, awkward human that I am, flailed a little, blushed furiously, and stammered out a list of possible retailers (since I had completely forgotten the specific one). We decided that Lovisa usually offered the best range of products.

The third was another friend, commenting over facebook. Honestly, it’s just really wholesome to be complimented. And that’s sort of dumb, coz it’s not like they were actively commenting me personally, but rather the headpiece I had chosen to wear. I think I figured they were complimenting me by proxy, because it was I who decided to wear the piece in the first place.

Hours later, on my way home, my dad stopped to go to the toilet. I was thirsty, so I walked up to the cashier at Macca’s and waited my turn. Because of the Monopoly promotion, the young man serving was wearing a suit. He looked rather snazzy, so I thought I’d tell him as much. The smile he gave me when I said he looked good in a suit was absolutely worth any doubts I’d had about my comment.

The encounter ended with two large frozen cokes when I only ordered one (He got the flavours mixed up, I guess, and said I could keep the extra). I smiled so hard I’m pretty sure I nearly blinded the guy waiting in line behind me.

Giving and receiving compliments is almost like a high all of its own. It’s nice to know that with one small, innocent comment (“I love your nailpolish” or “Your eyeliner is so bomb”) you can brighten someone’s day. Making people smile is one of the greatest things, honestly. Especially when it’s an honest, sincere, ‘I-can’t-stop-my-face-from-doing-this’ smile. When you’re sure their cheeks must hurt afterwards, or their eyes and nose crinkle up.

Make more people smile. You’ll love it just as much as they will. Everybody wins!

Take care now,

Em xx