Hey all!

Another blog, and I’ve started to really question what it is I think I’m doing with my life. The answer is that I don’t know. I’m making it up as I go. It’s a little terrifying.

I spent the whole of today -or, at least, majority of it- working through the latest assignment for my editing unit. Let me tell you, I didn’t think the assignment would be a fraught with danger as it has been.

For this task, I am writing a biography for the popular folktaleĀ Little Red Riding Hood, and I have been enjoying it quite a lot. It’s so fascinating, reading about the origins of this cautionary tale, and the many different adaptations and interpretations. In fact, there’s almostĀ too much information, and I’m finding it difficult to choose which pieces of information I work into my piece, and what I can leave out.

Although, naturally, it’s not all fun and games, and searching up sexual representation within adaptations of the story was bound to get exhausting, fast. I happened upon the scene from popular TV seriesĀ Once Upon A Time, in which Red and Dorothy share an impassioned kiss. This then spiralled down into an internet mother’s group, set against any form of representation within the media.

It was the pits. Honestly, reading about how ‘awful’ these women thought it was that a minority group was being represented in popular media broke my heart a little bit. They accused the producers of pushing the ‘gay agenda’ before turning around and pushing their own agenda in a way that could prove harmful if not properly mitigated.

I mean, they do have a right to their opinion, of course. I suppose I just wish their opinions weren’t so hurtful. Then again, Humanity happens to be that way sometimes… often all of the time.


In other news, My brother left a quarter-full bottle of vodka after a party with his friends and I have commandeered it. I sense some drunk writing in my future…

‘Til next time!

Em xx