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September 2016

Flower crowns and Compliments

HAPPY HUMPDAY!! Ah, Wednesday... Possibly my least favourite day of the week, if only because it is jam-packed full of seminars. Honestly, 6 hours of seminars is too many hours. I know it could be worse, but still. The weather... Continue Reading →


A scone is just a scone unless it is a Blueberry scone

Step 5. Stick that tray in the oven and don't open it again for 10-15 minutes. If it smells like it's burning, then something has gone horribly wrong and you should just let satan take what he wants.

Little Red Riding Hood is not Mum Friendly, Apparently

"They accused the producers of pushing the 'gay agenda' before turning around and pushing their own agenda in a way that could prove harmful if not properly mitigated."

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